How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard

Noseslide: a fundamental skateboarding trick | Photo: Red Bull

The noseslide is one of the core skateboarding tricks. Learn how to slide along a waxed-up ledge effortlessly.

The backside noseslide is a basic trick that allows the skater to slide along a ledge, bench, or rail for a relatively long distance.

The secret is knowing how to pop and lock into the ledge correctly.

Before practicing locking into the noseslide, it is crucial that you feel comfortable with the frontside 180 and/or the ollie.

One of the first practicing steps is to ride straight onto the ledge at a 90-degree angle, pop into it, maintain balance for a while, and finally drop back off and land the board.

Once you get used to the feeling of controlling the nose of the skateboard on a small surface, you may try to approach the ledge a bit more from the side.

As you get comfortable with twisting your body and board to attack the ledge, you may progress to a near parallel line/run toward the sliding surface.

Remember to keep your feet more spread apart than you usually do and your front foot near the nose of the board, almost over the bolts.

Approach the ledge at slow to moderate speed and lean back a bit while engaging with the sliding surface.

For a longer noseslide, wax the ledge - it'll make the trick easier to complete.

When you're turning out of the noseslide, twist your body back to get the nose off the ledge.

The noseslide is extremely fun and is the kick-off skate slide trick into several variations and new maneuvers.

Backside noseslide: wax up the ledge and keep all weight on your front foot | Photo: Perry Hall/Creative Commons

Backside Noseslide 101

Time to approach the ledge and pop onto it. Here's how to do a backside noseslide:

  1. Push on your skateboard at slow-to-medium speed;
  2. Approach the ledge diagonally - but almost parallel - about two feet away from it;
  3. Keep your shoulders parallel to the board, your feet apart, and your front foot on the nose of the board;
  4. Look at where you want your nose to land;
  5. Ollie or do a half frontside 180 onto the ledge;
  6. Land with the nose of the board on the ledge while keeping your weight on the front foot;
  7. Keep your shoulders and upper body straight and your lower body twisted at a 90-degree angle to the ledge;
  8. Slide as far as you can or want;
  9. When you're about to come off the ledge, dip down a bit, and pop out by turning your body back to the regular position;
  10. Land and skate away;

It's easier to land the backside noseslide regular than fakie.

While nose sliding, you should not have any weight on your back foot. Otherwise, you may not slide long enough.

Also, if you lean too far forward, the board will stop sliding, and you will fall or lose speed.

Once you're perfectly comfortable with the trick, you can go as fast as you can onto the ledge in order to maximize and extend your noseslide.

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