Skateboards: learn how to a draw a deck with trucks and wheels | Illustration: Shutterstock

Here's how to draw a realistic skateboard with a simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial for adults and children.

Skateboards are simple sidewalk riding vehicles with a nearly symmetrical shape, two trucks, and four wheels.

However, from a fine arts perspective, they will only be appealing and captivating when drawn at an angle.

And what is the most famous skateboard ever sketched?

"The Simpsons" have certainly played a critical role in the promotion of skateboarding and skateboards.

In one of the most iconic and popular opening sequences in TV history, Bart Simpson skates out of his school doors, rides the streets of Springfield, and then bounces his skate off his father's car before rolling toward his house's front door.

While an animation is necessarily more complex than an illustration, learning how to draw a simple skateboard will always be the first step toward creating multiple frames and, consequently, the illusion of movement.

You can draw a skateboard from different perspectives, but the most obvious and natural choice is at a 45-degree angle.

Drawing Materials

  • Sheet of A4 paper;
  • Pen;
  • Pencil;
  • Marker;
  • Eraser;
  • Brush markers or watercolor pens (optional);

Skateboard: draw it at an angle | Illustration: Shutterstock

Drawing Instructions

Are you ready to draw your first skateboard? Grab a pencil and start sketching.

  1. Draw a rough outline of the skateboard's deck at an angle: all you need to do is draw two parallel lines connected by a C-shaped line on both ends;
  2. Erase and replace the nose of the board with a curved upward line;
  3. Now, do the same on the tail and give a slight curvature;
  4. Add another curved parallel line on the rail side of the deck to illustrate the thickness of the board;
  5. Draw four holes on the deck for the front and back truck bolts;
  6. Draw a doughnut-shaped wheel on the front and back of the skateboard;
  7. Now, add a curved line parallel to the top of the wheels to give it a three-dimensional perspective;
  8. Create two simple connections - the trucks - between the wheels and the deck;
  9. Depending on the angle of your drawing, decide whether to add the third and fourth wheels;
  10. Decorate the skateboard's deck with a cool pattern or colors;

Once your skateboard sketch is roughed out, polish your lines and use a pen or marker to add definition, shades, and depth to your drawing.

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