Jean Pantaleo: the French skateboarder won the 2020 Red Bull Bowl Rippers | Photo: Red Bull

Marseille native nicks title from reigning champion Mateu in France.

Jean Pantaleo produced a performance for the ages at his local Bowl du Prado skatepark to deny Spaniard Jaime Mateu a second Red Bull Bowl Rippers win in a row in Marseille, France.

A special edition of the skateboarding classic was held outside its normal summer window, with a host of top global stars out in force to show off their tricks.

A 60-strong field of European shrednauts included Pantaleo, Mateu, Elson Patrick, Danny León, Dannie Carlsen, Marcel Wintherlig, Anthony Mardelle, Stellio Sakellarides, Simon Léauté, Ivan Federico, Bjorn Lillesoe, Karl Berglind, and Vincent Milou.

With the weekend split into a Saturday contest and a Sunday Best Trick jam, 21-year-old Pantaleo first edged out Mallorca's master blaster Mateu by a single point in the famous port city with the sublimely sketch-proof Swede Berglind rounding out the podium.

Pantaleo, whose previous best finish at the event came in 2017 with seventh place, then doubled down on his contest victory by making an enormous Best Trick transfer line into one of the bowls - a feat which had previously cost him not one, but two, broken heels.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2020 | Results

1. Jean Pantaleo (FRA)
2. Jaime Mateu (SPA)
3. Karl Berglind (SWE)
4. Danny León (SPA)
5. Ivan Federico (ITA)

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