Keegan Palmer wins Olympic gold medal in men's park skateboarding

August 5, 2021 | Skateboarding
Keegan Palmer: the men's park skateboarding Olympic gold medalist | Photo: Tokyo 2020

Keegan Palmer is the first-ever men's park skateboarding Olympic champion.

The Australian skateboarder secured the gold medal in Tokyo 2020 with two spectacular performances in the finals.

Palmer scored 94.04 points on his first run - the highest score in three rounds - but made even better on his final line: 95.83 points.

The Australian couldn't believe what he had just accomplished.

"It was an honor to skate with many of my best friends from when I was little, and now we're sharing the podium," expressed Keegan Palmer.

"We have all trained for a long time. I'm grateful for everyone that's been there for me, so I'd like to say thank you."

The silver medal went to Pedro Barros. The Brazilian skater was also thrilled to compete against his best friends.

"It's magic because I have a medal on my neck, but also because I was able to write history alongside my friends," added Barros.

"It's all about making the sport a better place and a better world, sharing love and respect. Skateboarding is a community and lifestyle that goes way beyond just a sport."

American skateboarder Cory Juneau, 22, secured the bronze medal. And his first words were for his good friend Keegan Palmer.

"I'm proud of him because He's like a little brother to me. We've been skating together since we were little kids," concluded Juneau.

"I think I met him when I was ten years old, and he must've been like seven. We've been competing and growing up together ever since."

"He really stepped up his game, and he deserved it."

The men's park skateboarding competition was the only skate division without a Japanese athlete on the podium.

Tokyo 2020 | Men's Park Skateboarding Final Results

1. Keegan Palmer (AUS) 95.83
2. Pedro Barros (BRA) 86.14
3. Cory Juneau (USA) 84.13

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