Leticia Bufoni: one of the most influential female skateboarders in the world | Photo: Red Bull

Leticia Bufoni is one of the most prolific and famous female skateboarders of the 21st century. Here's everything you need to know about the Brazilian-American rider.

Life hasn't always been easy for her, but despite being raised in a poor Brazilian family, Bufoni fulfilled her childhood dreams.

The path to becoming a professional skater was almost interrupted by a father who thought her favorite sport was a men-only outdoor activity.

Since she was a toddler, the dynamic Brazilian has always been an outdoor person, playing multiple sports in the streets of her hometown.

Six months before riding her first board, Leticia didn't know that girls could skate - only six months after watching a DVD, she realized she was not alone in the world.

Then, everything worked out naturally.

Bufoni admits she was rapidly accepted as a talented skater in a male-dominated sport and environment, eventually becoming the most women's skateboard street gold medalist in X Games history.

Leticia Bufoni: she started skating at the age of nine in São Paulo, Brazil | Photo: Red Bull

Influencer and Game-Changer

With grace, a unique riding style, and a fearless attitude, Bufoni steadily became a force to be reckoned with in the skateboarding world.

Today, the Brazilian-born athlete is a simultaneous role model, celebrity, and radical and sexy influencer with a strong and determined personality.

The skater is known for wearing leggings and using makeup while skating and hopes to ride a longboard by the beach when she gets old.

Leticia Bufoni approaches her art professionally - she is not a club or drinking person and takes her healthy lifestyle seriously.

When she's not doing photoshoots, interviews, or filming, you might see her training at her private skatepark or riding around Newport Beach.

Leticia could also be working out at the gym with her personal trainer, even though she is not a fan of lifting weights.

She was the first female skateboarder to ride for Plan B and the first female athlete featured on The Berrics' "Push" project.

Leticia Bufoni inspires millions of girls and women to ride a skateboard equal to or better than men. And that changes everything.

Leticia Bufoni: the skater built a skatepark in her backyard | Photo: Red Bull

1. Leticia Bufoni e Silva was born on April 13, 1993, in São Paulo, Brazil;

2. She was raised in Vila Matilde by her mother, Claudete Bufoni Crud, and father Jaime José da Silva;

3. The skater has two older sisters, Bruna and Fernanda;

4. When she was young, Leticia was into capoeira, the famous Brazilian martial art that combines acrobatics, music, and dance;

5. She started skating at age nine at Vila Matilde with a board borrowed from a sister's friend. But her father didn't enjoy seeing her daughter riding among ten male friends. So, he broke Leticia's board. Later, he changed his mind and embraced her girl's passion;

6. At the age of 11, she got her first proper skateboard from her grandmother Maria;

7. Initially, in her neighborhood, many people used to call Leticia a lesbian or tomboy. But she never cared and kept charging;

8. When Bufoni hit 14, she traveled to California with $200 in her pocket to compete for the first in the 2007 X Games. After the event, her father told her that he would let her stay in America if she could land an ollie inward heel flip. When she pulled it off, she did not return to Brazil;

9. While in the United States, Leticia attended Los Angeles' Hollywood High School. She missed so many classes that she was almost expelled. But she ended up dropping out;

10. Two years later, Bufoni won her first contest outside Brazil - the Maloof Money Cup, held in Costa Mesa, California - and repeated the feat in 2010;

Leticia Bufoni: she once ollied down 17 stairs | Photo: Red Bull

11. The street skateboarding queen was named "Personality of the Year 2009" by Globo's Época Magazine;

12. By 2015, Leticia Bufoni was already a globally famous skateboarder, earning herself a spot in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5" videogame;

13. In 2016, Bufoni was Nike's second-most-valuable female athlete;

14. She suffered one of her worst injuries in 2016 after a lipslide slam. The Brazilian had a concussion, broke a bone in her hip, and lost her vision for a few hours. Bufoni also underwent knee and ankle surgeries;

15. In 2017, Bufoni became the first female skateboarder to compete at the Red Bull Hart Lines, an event developed by Ryan Sheckler;

16. Simultaneously, the tattoed skater entered the Guinness World Records (2017) for the most wins in the World Cup of Skateboarding;

17. In 2013, Bufoni made the ESPY Award's shortlist for "Best Female Action Sports Athlete";

18. The dynamic Brazilian street skater was named one of the most powerful women in sports by Forbes;

19. Leticia Bufoni is also an accomplished surfer who enjoys playing teqball and swimming, playing soccer with friends, kart racing, skydiving, and loves riding her Ryker motorcycle. However, her favorite hobby is wakeboarding;

20. Her favorite movie is "A Star Is Born," and her best-loved TV series is "Prison Break";

Leticia Bufoni: the punk rock skater takes her skateboarding career seriously | Photo: Bufoni Archive

21. The goofy-footed skater won six X Games gold medals (2013, 2018, 2019, and 2021) and the 2015 Street League Skateboarding (SLS) Super Crown World Championships title;

22. In 2015, she became the first female skateboarder to sign for Nike SB and was featured nude on ESPN The Body Issue;

23. Bufoni also became the first female skater to land the cover of The Skateboard Mag in October 2015;

24. One of her most dangerous stunts was ollieing down 17 stairs;

25. Andrew Reynolds, Chris Cole, Elissa Steamer, Jenn Soto, and Mariah Duran are some of Leticia's favorite skaters;

26. Bufoni's favorite music genre is rap;

27. The São Paulo native almost didn't pursue a career in skateboarding. Why? Because Leticia loves soccer so much, she was undecided for a while. The Brazilian supports Corinthians and Paris Saint-Germain;

28. In 2020, Bufoni was added to the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2" roster;

29. The Brazilian skater became a US citizen on April 7, 2021;

30. Bufoni was one of the athletes chosen by the Brazilian Skate Confederation (CBSK) to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games;

Leticia Bufoni: she represented Brazil in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games | Photo: Red Bull

31. She enjoys going to gigs, especially the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival;

32. Leticia Bufoni is 5'3'' (1,60 meters) and weighs around 110 pounds (50 kilograms);

33. Her most famous nickname is "Fats" because she loves to eat;

34. In 2022, the Brazilian skater locked in two additional Guinness World Records: the most medals by a female in a Summer X Games discipline (12) and the most gold medals in Women's Street (5);

35. Leticia Bufoni has over four million followers on Facebook (@leticiabufoni), Instagram (@leticiabufoni), Twitter (@leticiabufoni), YouTube (@leticiabufonisilva), and TikTok (@lebufoni);

36. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1-2 million;

37. Leticia Bufoni has several tattoos, including a crescent moon below her left eye, an airplane and a rose on her left hand, an eagle and a skateboard on her right arm, skulls, the number 13, and the words "Hope," "Blessed" and "Trouble," "Tudo Passa" all over her body;

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