Momiji Nishiya: an Olympic skateboarding gold medalist at only 13 | Photo: Tokyo 2020

Momiji Nishiya has taken out the first-ever women's street skateboarding Olympic gold medal at Tokyo 2020.

The 13-year-old skateboarder from Osaka joined her fellow countryman Yuto Horigome on the highest podium of street skateboarding.

Nishiya sealed the deal with a confident and secure performance on her final three runs, earning a score of 15.26.

The Japanese defeated Rayssa Leal and Funa Nakayama after a very tight final that was only decided in the final run.

The first female skater to taste gold at the Olympic Games was ecstatic with the achievement.

"I am really happy to win the gold medal in Japan in my first Olympics and as one of the youngest athletes," expressed Momiji Nishiya.

"In the first run, I was nervous, but then after that, I wasn't anymore."

Nishiya wants everyone to try skateboarding and has high hopes for the upcoming Olympic cycle.

"I want to win at Paris 2024 too," the young Japanese revealed.

The women's street skateboarding medalists made the youngest podium in the history of the Olympic Games.

Their average age was 14.5 years.

Tokyo 2020 | Women's Street Skateboarding Final Results

1. Momiji Nishiya (JAP) 15.26
2. Rayssa Leal (BRA) 14.64
3. Funa Nakayama (JAP) 14.49
4. Alexis Sablone (USA) 13.57
5. Roos Zwetsloot (NED) 11.26
6. Wenhui Zeng (CHN) 9.66
7. Margielyn Didal (PHI) 7.52
8. Aori Nishimura (JAP) 6.92

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