Red Bull Solus: a digital skate contest designed by Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler announced the launch of the inaugural Red Bull Solus, an all-digital skateboarding competition.

The format will showcase 13 of America's best professional skaters performing their best runs at SC Sandlot, Sheckler's private skatepark in San Clemente, California.

The digital skate contest aims to fill the gap left by the cancellation of all professional competitions in 2020.

Designed by skaters for skaters, Red Bull Solus will witness riders unveiling their 45-second to one-minute solo sessions in front of three judges.

The judging panel includes Mike Sinclair, Kyle Berard, and Jaime Owens.

The trio will assess style, progression, and creativity.

The name Solus, translated from its Latin origin, means alone or unaccompanied, which reflects the unique solo competition format of Red Bull Solus.

Alone With Everybody

Skate competitions around the world have been canceled or postponed due to the global pandemic, and Red Bull Solus presents an opportunity for fans to enjoy the best that the sport has to offer.

Even Skateboarding's Olympic debut this summer was postponed, along with the rest of the games, until 2021.

Among the 13 entries are three-time X Games gold medalist Ryan Sheckler, who is defending his home park against USA Skateboarding national team skaters Zion Wright and Jagger Eaton, as well as Ishod Wair, Taylor Kirby, Dominick Walker, Greyson Fletcher, and CJ Collins.

The winners will be awarded prize money and a $2,500 check that will be donated to their local skate shop.

The goal is to support businesses that have struggled in recent months due to shutdowns across the retail sector.

Fans will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite continuous line and award one skater the fan-favorite award.

The final results will be announced on September 27, 2020.

Red Bull Solus | List of Invitees

Ryan Sheckler (Republic of California Skate Shop, San Clemente, CA)
Taylor Kirby (Lotties Skateshop, Los Angeles, CA)
Ronnie Kessner (Kinetic Skateshop, Wilmington, DE)
Jack Fardell (Kingswell, Los Feliz, CA)
Ishod Wair (Exit Skateshop, Philadelphia, PA)
Zion Wright (Rose Street Skateshop, Encinitas, CA)
Leandre "SkateGoat" Sanders (Pharmacy Boardshop, Hesperia, CA)
Greyson Fletcher (Republic of California Skate Shop, San Clemente, CA)
Jagger Eaton (Cowtown Skateshop, Phoenix, AZ)
Roman Pabich (Furnace Skateshop, Buena Park, CA)
Alex Midler (Val Surf, Valley Village, CA)
CJ Collins (Pharmacy Boardshop, Hesperia, CA)
Dominick Walker (Identity Boardshop, Buena Park, CA)

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