Tristan Helias: the first skateboarder to ride the galleries of the Louvre Museum | Photo: Troude/Helias

Two young French filmmakers have been authorized by the Louvre Museum to shoot a skateboarding session inside the iconic art center.

Marin Troude and Tristan Helias created a short video in which a skateboarder and a ballet dancer perform their art inside the Louvre Museum and Musée d'Orsay.

The contemporary love story takes place in a magical fairytale Paris and takes the viewer on an exclusive journey into two empty, legendary French monuments.

The highly visual and poetic three-minute adventure is accompanied by a musical score by Max Richter.

The directors wanted to rediscover the French cultural heritage through an original, fresh, and contemporary perspective.

A love story between the Parisian skater and the ballet dancer in empty French museums represents the union of two bodies in motion through time and the history of art.

These are two souls intimately connected, each one appropriating their own space to revive the works of art.

"We wanted this to be an epic and lyrical journey between lights and shadows which combined skateboarding and classical ballet," explain Troude and Helias.

Victoria Dauberville: dancing inside Musée d'Orsay | Photo: Troude/Helias

Skateboarding as a Dance Form

Curiously, director Tristan Helias is also the skateboarder who rides the galleries of the world's largest art museum.

Victoria Dauberville is the dancer who shines inside Musée d'Orsay's impressionist and post-impressionist artworks.

The spectator dives into a beautifully orchestrated visual expression in which skateboarding becomes a new form of dance and choreographic art.

Whether in the streets or inside a museum, skateboarding's moves always light up the environment and its surroundings.

"Our goal was to highlight the artworks by shooting classical ballet and skateboarding through a modern approach," concludes the filmmaking duo.

"We wanted to open the museum doors to street art and help make French culture more accessible to everyone."

Recently, Brazilian skateboarders Pedro Barros and Murilo Peres were given permission to skate some of Oscar Niemeyer's iconic architecture.

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