Danny León: riding his skateboard inside a wind turbine | Photo: Red Bull

In May 2017, four accomplished skateboarders embarked on an unusual, yet exciting experience.

Spanish skateboard sensation Danny León enlisted the help of Alex Sorgente, Ryan Sheckler, and Zion Wright for his Eolo project.

In Greek mythology, Eolo (Aeolus, in English) is the guardian of the winds and the king of the island of Aeolia.

The rider from Móstoles, Madrid, welcomed his friends for 72 hours of fun in Avilés, Spain. The trio traveled over 5,000 miles for the chance to skate in a wind turbine factory with him.

Avilés is a coastal town located in Asturias, 300 miles north of his hometown in Madrid. The Asturias region is home to several wind power industries, including Dacero and Windar Renewables.

The wind turbines produced in Avilés are 400 feet tall and 26 feet wide.

Ryan Sheckler: skateboarding in a wind turbine production line in Asturias, Spain | Photo: Red Bull

Skateboards Powered by the Wind

These giants are the perfect playground for any skater, especially one as daredevil as León, who is a regular visitor to the Asturias principality, otherwise known as "natural paradise."

The quartet skated through nearly all elements and processes of a wind turbine production line. For León, it was a dream come true.

"I have always paid attention to these giant structures and thought about how amazing it would be to skate them," revealed Danny.

The challenge of skating these giant engineering constructions required focus, speed, and commitment.

"The hardest thing was the flat gaps. You got to go super fast, and you have to pop high and clear," underlined Zion Wright.

To finish off their fun adventure, they headed to Valliniello Quay, in the port of Avilés, where they continued to pull off a series of cool tricks.

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