Skateparks: rules ensure everyone has a good time at a skateboarding playground | Photo: Shutterstock

Skateparks are outdoor self-expression skateboarding arenas. They're open to all riders, but freedom goes hand in hand with a few rules. Here are the most common ones.

Skateparks are skaters' sanctuary.

They should be the place where they dictate the rules, even if there are (almost) no guidelines for what to do and not to do.

There are thousands of skateboarding playgrounds across the world, some of them public, some private.

Most feature an entry notice board with rules that users must follow.

We gathered dozens of examples and identified the most adopted ones. Some of them are quite bizarre; others obviously make sense.

Paradoxically, or maybe not, one of the most popular unwritten skateboarding rules is that there are no rules.

And while it is absolutely true, and riders should feel free to skate everything and everywhere, anarchy would also be unrideable.

That is why skatepark etiquette must prevail even before mandatory directives.

Remember that skateparks are unsupervised facilities, so know your abilities and be prepared to ride at your own risk.

Skateparks: ride safely, respect your fellow skaters, and leave them better than you found them | Photo: Shutterstock

Skatepark Rules | The Definitive List

The following list of guidelines and recommendations have been adopted by some of the planet's busiest skate plazas, from Venice Beach, California, to Guangzhou, in China.

The goal is to regulate riding, ensure everyone has a good time, and get back home safe and sound.

The instructions are mainly defined by city officials and public authorities.

Some might sound controversial, absurd, and even hilarious, but the overall spirit and objective aim to create an inclusive, healthy, and enjoyable sidewalk surfing zone.

Explore the most common skatepark rules and reminders:

  • The use of the skatepark for children under six years is prohibited. In case of doubt, an identification document is required;
  • Users under the age of 12 must be supervised by a parent or guardian while using the facility;
  • Pets and animals are not allowed;
  • The park is designed for skateboards, rollerblades, or inline skates only. No bicycles or motorized vehicles are allowed;
  • Access to the sports area by any motorized vehicle, scooters, baby strollers, and bicycles that are not freestyle-type or inline skates is strictly prohibited;
  • Only skate in daylight hours, i.e., from dawn to dusk;
  • The skatepark is open daily as posted unless the gates are locked. The skatepark will be closed for use when surfaces are wet, icy, or snow-covered or for maintenance. Regardless of whether the gates are locked or not, if the surface is wet, icy, or snow-covered, or if maintenance is being performed, the skatepark is deemed dosed;
  • No trespassing is allowed when the skatepark is posted as "Closed";
  • Only riders are permitted inside the safety fenced area;
  • Spectators must watch from outside the perimeter of the skating area;
  • Shirts, pants or shorts, and shoes must be worn at all times;
  • Inspect the surfaces before using and remove any objects/debris that may prevent a smooth and safe ride;
  • The use of personal protective equipment, including helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards, is mandatory;
  • The use of profane or obscene language or any type of physical or verbal violence will result in the expulsion of the user concerned;
  • Threatening, bullying, or intimidating language or behavior is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted;
  • Conduct considered inappropriate by staff may result in expulsion from the facility and/or suspension of future park use;
  • Any personal belongings or objects are the sole responsibility of the user. The skatepark is not responsible for loss, damage or theft;
  • Any accident resulting from the user's recklessness is solely his own responsibility. Each user must be aware of their ability and limits. All users and spectators accept and assume liability for any injuries, including paralysis and death;
  • Chewing gum, smoking, glass containers, cans, alcoholic beverages, mugs, profanity, motorized vehicles, scooters, food, fighting, and weapons are not permitted;
  • Clean up after yourself. Do not leave trash on or around the skatepark. Garbage must be placed in existing containers for this purpose;
  • Graffiti, tagging, stickers, or any changes to the appearance of the skatepark are a crime. Vandals will be prosecuted. The skatepark area must be kept clean;
  • Loud music is prohibited;
  • Be respectful of neighbors. Keep noise levels down so they can't hear you from their home;
  • Reckless behavior will not be tolerated;
  • Vendors are prohibited unless approved by the parks and recreation department;
  • Users are responsible for the knowledge and compliance with rules of use and assume in full any risk of injury or damage to their personal;
  • It is forbidden to put paraffin on any obstacle of the skatepark without the supervisor's authorization;
  • BMX pegs are not allowed on the coping;
  • Always be respectful and fair to others;
  • Observe what is happening around you. Do not snake - respect and do not cut other riders' lines. Wait your turn, and don't pass in front of everyone;
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Before you drop in, push off, or plan a line, look all around you and make sure you are not going to cut anyone off or crash into people;
  • Before you drop in, push off, or plan a line, look all around you and make sure you are not going to cut anyone off or crash into people;
  • Skate only with the flow of traffic;
  • Only one person per skateboard;
  • Keep calm, and do not throw your board everywhere;
  • In front of a person with difficulty with a trick, do not reproduce this one to show him that you can do it;
  • Don't push your limits, especially if you don't feel ready. Go forward gradually;
  • Learn when to say stop. Don't get too hung up on a trick that doesn't want to get in, especially if you are tired - you could hurt yourself;
  • Be gentle - greet riders arriving at the skatepark;
  • No personal ramps or rails are allowed inside the designated skatepark area;
  • Make no modifications to skate park facilities. Unauthorized ramps and obstacles are not permitted and will be removed from the skatepark;
  • Contests or events are prohibited unless sanctioned by the parks and recreation department;
  • Report anyone who violates skatepark rules to the police department;

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