Skateboarding Hall of Fame: an initiative that recognizes and honors skateboarding pioneers and legends | Photos: SHoF

The Skateboarding Hall of Fame (SHoF) is an initiative that recognizes and honors the history, culture, and achievements of skateboarders, skate industry professionals, brands, and groups and their impact on sidewalk surfing.

Skateboarding has come a long way since its early days in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today, it is a highly competitive and well-respected sport and outdoor activity, with millions of fans and participants worldwide.

The SHoF is an essential part of this legacy.

It helps to tell the story of skateboarding and honor and recognize the legends and pioneers who have made significant contributions to the sport and industry.

The Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that has been open to the public since 1997.

It was founded by Todd Huber and is located in Simi Valley, California.

Visitors can take a tour of the Hall of Fame and view displays that feature the history of skateboarding and the people who have made it possible.

The 10,000-square-foot facility features the world's largest collection of folk art skateboards.

Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum: open since 1997 in Simi Valley, California | Photo: SHoF

SHoF: Preserving History and Honoring Legends

Since 2009, the Skateboarding Hall of Fame has inducted new members in a ceremony each year to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions to the sport.

They can be:

  • Skateboarders: competitive or non-competitive individuals who have made a significant impact on the sport through their sports accomplishments, such as winning major competitions, developing new tricks, and promoting skateboarding through their creativity and influence;
  • Event Promoters: people who have helped to promote the sport by organizing relevant events and contests;
  • Industry Innovators: individuals who have created new technologies and products that have improved the sport;
  • Media Professionals: people who have helped to spread the word about skateboarding through their publications and media outlets;
  • Brands: skate industry companies that played a critical role in the development of groundbreaking equipment and gear;
  • Groups: collective organizations, music bands, and NGOs that boosted skateboarding's popularity and made significant contributions to its ever-growing culture;

The inductees are chosen by a panel of 68 skateboarding experts - the nomination committee - who consider a variety of criteria when making their selections.

The criteria include the individual's contribution to the sport, their impact on the industry, and the level of recognition achieved.

Once the official ballot is determined, the voting for each year's induction class begins.

The process involves 400 skateboarding professionals, the SHoF nomination committee, past Hall of Fame inductees, and media and industry members.

Once the results are in, the induction ceremony announces, honors, and celebrates the life story of the latest inductees.

Whether you're a fan of skateboarding, a participant, or just someone interested in sports and athletic culture, the Skateboarding Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to learn more about this fantastic and dynamic sport.

It has a rich collection of historical skateboard-related artifacts, memorabilia, a shop, a library, VHS tapes, and an indoor skate ramp.

Skateboarding Hall of Fame | List of Inductees


Tom Groholski
Tim Marting
Steve Steadham
Salman Agah
Peter Gifford
Pat Duffy
Lester Kasai
Kevin Reed
Jim Fitzpatrick
Darrell Miller
Bert Lamar
Gregg Ayres
Steve Rocco
Shawn Peddie
Larry Gordon (G&S)
Jana Payne-Booker
Bruce Walker
Bob Skoldberg
Leilani Kiyabu-Glasheen
Scott Foss
Mike Folmer
Mark Lake
Jay Smith
Monty Nolder


Colleen Boyd Turner
Tina Trefethen
Kareem Campbell
Mike Vallely
Mike Smith
Eric Grisham
Billy Ruff
Steve Cathey
Lonnie Toft
Kent Senatore
John Hutson
Dave Andrecht
Bobby Valdez
Bobby Piercy
Skitch Hitchcock
Denis Shufeldt
Chris Yandall
Cliff Coleman


Jerry Valdez
Chris Strople
Paul Schmitt
Doug "Pineapple" Saladino
George Orton
Ed Nadalin
Chad Muska
Dennis Martinez
Terry Lawrence
Marty Grimes
John "Tex" Gibson
John Freis
Deanna Calkins
Rick Blackhart
Bob Biniak
Ray Barbee
Don "Waldo" Autry
Hobie Alter


Gale Webb
Desiree Von Essen Harrington
Val Surf
Ray "Bones" Rodriguez
Edie Robertson
Jeff Phillips
Jason Lee
Kona Skatepark
Tom "Wally" Inouye
Cris Dawson
Kevin "The Worm" Anderson
Micke Alba


Mike Weed
Skateboarder Magazine
Tommy Ryan
Judi Oyama
Guy Mariano
Allen Losi
Pattie Hoffman
Jeff Ho
Matt Hensley
David Hackett
Brad Bowman


Gregg Weaver
Vicki Vickers
Daewon Song
Jim Phillips
Bob Mohr
Mike McGill
Shogo Kubo
Russ Howell
Eric Dressen
Kim Cespedes
Sonja Catalano


Cindy Whitehead
Ed Templeton
Suicidal Tendencies
Ty Page
Jen O'Brien
Tommy Guerrero
Skip Frye
Eddie Elguera
Ellen Berryman
Steve Alba


Steve Van Doren
Tracker Trucks
Elissa Steamer
Duane Peters
James O'Mahoney
Chris Miller
Robin Logan
Brian Logan
Henry Hester
John Cardiel
Cara-Beth Burnside
Neil Blender


Fausto Vitello
Pipeline Skatepark
Ellen Oneal
Steve Olson
Jim Muir
Lance Mountain
Natas Kaupas
Laurie Turner Demott
Gregg Carroll
J. Grant Brittain


Brandon "Woody" Woodward
Laura Thornhill
Tom Sims
Rodney Mullen
Christian Hosoi
Alan Gelfand
Wendy Bearer Bull
Warren Bolster


Peggy Oki
Frank Nasworthy
John Humphrey
Mark Gonzales
Glen E. Friedman
Black Flag
Danny Bearer
Jay Adams


Larry Stevenson
CR Stecyk III
Stacy Peralta
Patti McGee
Eric Koston
Torger Johnson
Steve Caballero
Bob Burnquist


Danny Way
Bruce Logan
Tony Hawk
Tony Alva

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