Skateboarding: test your sidewalk surfing knowledge with our carefully curated set of 50 questions | Photo: Frey/Creative Commons

Welcome to the ultimate skateboarding quiz, the gnarliest trivia game on this side of the skatepark.

This ain't your grandpa's pub quiz - no sir, this is the real deal.

So, grab your skateboard, strap on your helmet, and get ready to drop in on some mind-boggling, wheel-spinning, tail-grinding questions.

Whether you're a skateboarding pro who can pull a kickflip in your sleep, a fan who knows the riding differences between Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen, or a newbie who thinks "ollie" is just a cool name for a dog, there's something in this quiz for you.

From the legendary history of skateboarding, the tech talk of decks, trucks, and bearings to iconic movies and videos that defined a generation, we're covering all grounds.

You'll even ride the rails of skateboarding culture and cruise through the lives of the famous boarders who have flipped, tricked, and slid their way into history.

Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test, or are you going to bail?

Remember, it's not about the destination - it's about the ride. And this ride is set to be sick, sick, sick!

So, invite some friends for this 50-question challenge, and let's roll. Good luck!

Round 1 | History of Skateboarding

  1. In which decade was skateboarding believed to have originated?
    a) 1940s
    b) 1950s
    c) 1960s
  2. Where did skateboarding originate?
    a) Australia
    b) United States
    c) Brazil
  3. What was the precursor to the skateboard?
    a) Metal slabs with roller skate wheels attached
    b) Plastic trays with roller skate wheels attached
    c) Wooden boxes or boards with roller skate wheels attached
  4. What was skateboarding initially called?
    a) Street surfing
    b) Sidewalk surfing
    c) Urban surfing
  5. What was the name of the first skateboarding magazine?
    a) The Quarterly Skateboarder
    b) Skateboard Monthly
    c) Thrasher
  6. What were the two original disciplines during skateboarding competitions?
    a) Vert and downhill
    b) Half-pipe and street
    c) Flatland freestyle and slalom
  7. What invention caused the 1970s to see a boom in skateboarding?
    a) Polyurethane wheels
    b) Multi-layer wood skateboards
    c) Aluminum trucks
  8. What is the original skateboard trick?
    a) The kickflip
    b) The ollie
    c) The push
  9. Which legendary skateboarding competition started in the United States in 1995?
    a) Tampa Pro
    b) X Games
    c) Street League Skateboarding
  10. When did skateboarding make its debut as an Olympic sport?
    a) London 2012
    b) Brazil 2016
    c) Tokyo 2020

Round 2 | Skaters and Equipment

  1. Who is known as the "Birdman" in skateboarding?
    a) Rodney Mullen
    b) Tony Hawk
    c) Ryan Sheckler
  2. The iconic skateboarder Tony Hawk is best known for successfully landing what trick?
    a) Ollie 720
    b) Kickflip McTwist
    c) 900-degree spin
  3. What are modern skateboard wheels made of?
    a) Plastic
    b) PVC
    c) High-grade urethane
  4. Which skateboarding documentary was directed by Stacy Peralta and released in 2001?
    a) Grind
    b) Dogtown and Z-Boys
    c) Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
  5. Natas Kaupas is considered one of the pioneers of which style of skateboarding?
    a) Vert Skateboarding
    b) Street Skateboarding
    c) Downhill Skateboarding
  6. Where is X Games gold medalist winner Leticia Bufoni from?
    a) Italy
    b) Brazil
    c) Spain
  7. Rodney Mullen is the world's first star of which skateboarding discipline?
    a) Vert
    b) Street
    c) Freestyle
  8. Who is considered the "godfather of modern street skateboarding"?
    a) Rodney Mullen
    b) Tony Hawk
    c) Mark Gonzales
  9. Who was the first female skateboarder to land a 540 McTwist in a competition?
    a) Vanessa Torres
    b) Elissa Steamer
    c) Lizzie Armanto
  10. The iconic Zephyr Competition Team of the 1970s was also known as:
    a) Z-Boys
    b) Z-Squad
    c) Z-Crew

Round 3 | Skate Companies and Movies

  1. Which brand is known for the famous "Classic Dot" logo?
    a) Santa Cruz Skateboards
    b) Creature Skateboards
    c) Baker Skateboards
  2. Which brand created the first professional model skateboard deck?
    a) World Industries
    b) Santa Cruz
    c) Powell-Peralta
  3. Who is the professional skateboarder and entrepreneur who co-founded DC Shoes?
    a) Rob Dyrdek
    b) Chris Cole
    c) Paul Rodriguez
  4. Which year was the popular skateboarding brand "Vans" founded?
    a) 1966
    b) 1975
    c) 1982
  5. Who is the founder of Zero Skateboards?
    a) Chad Muska
    b) Tony Hawk
    c)Jamie Thomas
  6. Who is the professional skateboarder known for his unique skateboarding style and co-founding the company "Almost"?
    a) Daewon Song
    b) Chris Haslam
    c) Rodney Mullen
  7. The popular skateboarding video "Video Days" features which professional skateboarder?
    a) Mark Gonzales
    b) Bam Margera
    c) Tony Alva
  8. Which company produced the skateboarding video "The Search for Animal Chin"?
    a) Vans
    b) Baker Skateboards
    c) Powell-Peralta
  9. What is the name of the iconic skateboarding movie that was released in 1965?
    a) Lords of Dogtown
    b) Thrashin'
    c) Skaterdater
  10. The film "Lords of Dogtown" was based on the story of which skateboarding team?
    a) Plan B
    b) Zephyr Competition Team
    c) Bones Brigade

Round 4 | Skate Culture

  1. Who is the professional skateboarder known for the phrase "Skate and Destroy"?
    a) Tony Alva
    b) Craig Stecyk
    c) Stacy Peralta
  2. What is the name of the skateboarding magazine that was first published in 1981?
    a) Transworld Skateboarding
    b) Thrasher Magazine
    c) Skateboarder Magazine
  3. Which city is home to the famous skateboarding spot "Embarcadero"?
    a) Los Angeles
    b) San Francisco
    c) New York
  4. The video game series "Skate" was developed by which company?
    a) Electronic Arts
    b) Activision
    c) Rockstar Games
  5. What is the name of the iconic downhill skateboarding race held annually in Colorado?
    a) King of the Mountain
    b) Downhill Disco
    c) Buffalo Bill Downhill
  6. When is Go Skateboarding Day celebrated?
    a) May 10
    b) June 21
    c) October 5
  7. Who helped create the skateboard emoji?
    a) Rodney Mullen
    b) Tony Hawk
    c) Craig Stecyk
  8. Who won Thrasher Skater of the Year 2001?
    a) Geoff Rowley
    b) Tony Trujillo
    c) Arto Saari
  9. Who designed the famous Screaming Hand?
    a) Vernon Courtland Johnson
    b) Jim Phillips
    c) Wes Humpston
  10. What is the iconic skateboarding video game series that Tony Hawk launched?
    a) Skate
    b) Pro Skater
    c) Skate or Die

Round 5 | Tricks and Equipment

  1. Which professional skateboarder is known for the trick "Christ Air"?
    a) Christian Hosoi
    b) Mark Gonzales
    c) Danny Way
  2. Who was the first skateboarder to land a 1080-degree spin on a mega ramp?
    a) Bob Burnquist
    b) Ryan Sheckler
    c) Tom Schaar
  3. Which skateboarding legend is often associated with the creation of the kickflip?
    a) Eric Koston
    b) Rodney Mullen
    c) Steve Caballero
  4. What is the name of the skateboarding trick invented by Alan "Ollie" Gelfand?
    a) Kickflip
    b) Ollie
    c) Grind
  5. What part of the skateboard provides cushioning and flexibility when turning?
    a) Bearings
    b) Wheels
    c) Bushings
  6. In the skateboarding world, what does "ABEC" stand for?
    a) Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee
    b) Advanced Board Equipment Catalog
    c) Association of Board and Equipment Companies
  7. What type of wood is most commonly used in the construction of skateboard decks?
    a) Maple
    b) Pine
    c) Oak
  8. Which skateboard part is Paul "Professor" Schmitt known for having developed?
    a) Schmitt Stix Trucks
    b) Schmitt Stix Bearings
    c) Schmitt Stix Rails
  9. What type of trucks are most commonly used in downhill skateboarding?
    a) Reverse Kingpin Trucks
    b) Traditional Kingpin Trucks
    c) Hollow Trucks
  10. Who invented the original kickflip?
    a) Rodney Mullen
    b) Curt Lindgren
    c) Daewon Song

Answers (For Quiz Masters Only)

R1: 1b; 2b; 3c; 4b; 5a; 6c; 7a; 8b; 9b; 10c;
R2: 1b; 2c; 3c; 4b; 5b; 6b; 7c; 8a; 9c; 10a;
R3: 1a; 2c; 3a; 4a; 5c; 6a; 7a; 8c; 9c; 10b;
R4: 1b; 2b; 3b; 4a; 5c; 6b; 7b; 8c; 9b; 10b;
R5: 1a; 2c; 3b; 4b; 5c; 6a; 7a; 8c; 9a; 10b;

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