Skate tool: a universal, multifunctional, T or Y-shaped tool that helps you mount hardware and adjust skateboard components | Photo: Red Bull

The skate tool is the skateboarder's Swiss Army knife. It allows you to mount hardware and adjust components on the fly.

Need to change your wheels, tighten the screws up, change the grip tape, repair the screw thread, or clean the bearings?

All you need is a skate tool, the ideal gadget for your routine maintenance or unexpected repair needs.

A skateboard tool is a universal, multifunctional, T or Y-shaped tool with several pieces that come out and help you repair, tighten, or reassemble the skate or longboard.

It will help you repair, replace, or fine-tune hardware items anywhere without having to get back home or walk to the nearest skate shop.

High-quality skate tools feature all the different instruments needed to fit with the various components of your board.

The best skate tools in the market feature a detachable Allen/hex key, a Phillips screwdriver head, a bearing press/remover, a grip tape file, and a bottle opener.

The skater's all-in-one tool often includes several sizes of sockets -usually 3/8'', 1/2'', and 9/16'' - and works with the most common types of skateboards.

The 1/2'' socket is used to tighten or loosen the wheels, while the 9/16'' socket will help you install or replace your trucks.

Finally, the 3/8'' socket makes tightening the deck bolts easy.

Premium skate tools also come with a 5/16'' self-aligning threader that allows you to rethread your axles whenever the nuts aren't fitting.

Skate tool: the ideal T or Y-shaped instrument features a detachable Allen/hex key, a Phillips screwdriver head, a bearing press/remover, a grip tape file, and a bottle opener

Handy, Sturdy, Portable, and Lightweight

Innovative models also help you clean your bearings, install a new grip tape, and change wheels and trucks fast with a ratchet that makes turning the tool easier.

Whether you're riding downhill on the mountain, riding the streets of your town, or shredding at the local skatepark, the skate tool will always come in handy.

What are the pieces of equipment that require tools to assemble, replace, or make subtle adjustments?

Actually, the answer is everything - the wheels, the trucks, and the deck are all attached together with baseplate bolts and nuts, axle nuts, and kingpins.

The skate tool will make working on your skateboard easier and will save you a lot of time.

If you're buying your first - or a new - skateboard, get a complete and fully-equipped skate tool with a comfortable shape and design.

The price of a premium skate tool ranges from $10 up to $25, depending on the number of features and the quality of the materials.

These units are mostly made of heavy-duty steel and durable plastics to make them simultaneously sturdy and handy.

They're also lightweight and highly portable so that skaters can carry them in a backpack or even inside their pockets.

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