Skateboard News Headlines and Top Stories

How do you take off the grip tape from your skateboard? Learn a quick and easy method to peel it off the deck.
If you're a skateboarder, you might have already seen a video or heard about Braille Skateboard, the YouTube channel created by Aaron Kyro.
"Skaterdater" tells the story of a group of seven young skater boys who ride around town, showcasing their skills and talent.
Do skater trainers work? Are they useful for beginners? How can they help new skateboarders learn and improve the basic tricks fast?
The world's first skateboard video game was released in 1986. Since then, the gaming genre has evolved to a point where you can't tell the difference between reality and fiction.
Learning how to skateboard can be a simultaneously exciting and terrifying experience. Explore the 20 top tips for beginner skaters.