Skateboard News Headlines and Top Stories

Tony Hawk is the ultimate skateboarder and someone who had a multi-generational influence in the way skaters ride the concrete.
"Lords of Dogtown" is one of the most popular skateboarding movies of all time. Explore its best-kept secrets and interesting facts.
The heelflip should be your go-to trick after being able to land kickflips consistently. It was invented by Rodney Mullen.
Have you landed a trick and broke your skateboard or most of its layers? Learn how to fix a damaged deck so that you're able to ride on it again.
The nollie is a variation of the classic ollie, but with a subtle twist. Learn how to pull it off effortlessly.
Jim Phillips is one of the most iconic skateboard artists in the history of the sport. The graphic designer created the famous "Screaming Hand."