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If you're a skateboarder, you'll know that speed matters. But how fast can a skateboard actually go? And what makes the difference?
Skateboarding has evolved into an art form and a competitive sport thanks to an ingenious invention in the early 1970s: polyurethane skateboard wheels.
In the vibrant heart of the mid-20th century, amid a whirlwind of social and cultural revolutions, a nascent phenomenon surged through the crumbled concrete of America's urban landscapes - skateboarding.
Skateboarding is a thrilling symphony of grit, precision, and air. At its heart lies the ollie, a fundamental maneuver that's both starting point and a stepping stone.
It's a simple truth known to anyone who has ever placed a foot on a skateboard: speed is exhilarating.
Born to soar on four wheels and a board, Daewon David Song's career as a professional skateboarder has been nothing short of spectacular.

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