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It's time to grab your skateboard and let the good times roll in Newtownabbey near Belfast, Northern Ireland.
In 1965, the movie "Skaterdater" rolled through every major theater in America and in many countries around the world.
Since the 1960s, skateboarding has rolled in and out of the public's consciousness. It's a sport associated with youth that combines agility, speed, and sheer guts.
In an effort to help all of our fellow skaters out there accomplish their personal dream ramp, Concrete Wave publisher Michael Brooke deputized Mike Leeds to photograph and document the process.
What is grief? As an emotion, it is commonly experienced during a time of loss.
On January 8, 2013, Harvey Hawks was released from prison after more than 26 years behind bars. In the Summer of 2004, Concrete Wave Magazine published an article on his long-term sentence. This was Hawks' life story.