European Skimboarding Cup: skimming is growing in the Old Continent

The European Skimboarding Cup 2014 is underway, and it will be contested in six countries.

There are very good news for the Old Continent's skimboarding community. The newly created European Skimboarding Cup 2014 is a series of flatland events that have kicked off in Germany.

In each stage, competitors finishing in the top 10 will earn points for an overall ranking. The winner of the European Skimboarding Cup 2014 will be announced at the last event, in Poland.

The skimboarding circuit is fully sponsored by Stena Line. This is now the most important skim competition in Europe, as the sport keeps a steady growing pace all over the world.

The European Skimboarding Cup 2014 stages are:

Boot Indoorskimjam | Germany | 25th January
Dutch Skimboarding Open | Netherlands | 31st May
Extreme Barcelona | Spain | 28th-29th June
Playground | Latvia | 11th-12th July
Hallifornia | Sweden | 17th-19th July
Polish Skimboarding Open | Poland | 1st-2nd August

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