Blair Conklin: talent requires training | Photo: Exile Skimboards

Blair Conklin won the 2015 Sununga Skim Festival, in Ubatuba, Brazil.

The skimboarder from Laguna Beach prevailed in the third stop of the United Skim Tour 2015. In a rematch of last year's final, Conklin defeated the winner of the 2014 edition, Leandro Azevedo.

The final was tight, but Blair would win with a total of 23.61 points against Leandro's 22.27 points. Sam Stinnett outperformed Pablo Marreco to confirm the third place.

The online live broadcast not only proves that skimboarding is growing interest among the wave riding community but also confirms its competitiveness and spectator friendliness.

The United Skim Tour 2015 will now travel to North Carolina, USA, for the always exciting Outer Banks Skim Jam. The world title race is on, and there are still too many riders capable of raising the trophy at the end of the season.

2015 Sununga Skim Festival | Top 4

1. Blair Conklin
2. Leandro Azevedo
3. Sam Stinnett
4. Pablo Marreco

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