Goon: skimboarding with a punk attitude

"Goon" is an eccentric full-length skimboarding movie about the history and life of a group of flatland riders from Sacramento, California.

With a raw style, a punk attitude, and a no-fear approach to rails and obstacles, the Goon-schism is taking over the skimboarding community.

"It's been over two years in the making. Get ready for the heaviest inland skimboarding film ever to be released with hijinks that can only be expected from Sacramento's finest skim crew. Get hyped," announced the Californian collective.

"Goon" is full of breathtaking wipeouts. Don't expect helmets and knee pads. They get hurt, and they are sent to the nearest hospitals. There are also hardcore partying bonus scenes.

Adam Balaam, Mike Finneran, Dallas Kingsbury, Derek Popple, Beau Thomas, Cardo Vega, and many more make "Goon," a movie that exposes the history of a group, and features their tour to Washington and Canada during the summer of 2014.

In 2005, Pepsi defied the surfing community by releasing a commercial in which famous soccer stars break the surfers-only beach rule implemented by a group of local wave riders.

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