120 riders attended the inaugural Skimmunity Showdown

June 8, 2017 | Skimboarding
Perry Pruitt: winner of the Pro division at the Skimmunity Showdown 2017 | Photo: Jim Montross

The inaugural Skimmunity Showdown 2017 was a huge success.

The event got underway at Virginia Beach, Virginia, and attracted over 120 participants. They all enjoyed the sunny skies, contestable waves, and the good vibes that surrounded the competition area.

Thanks to the support of the Skim USA directors, and a dedicated group of local volunteers, the event spread the skimboarding spirit and planted seeds for the future.

The contest was also the second stop on the 2017 Skim USA Tour, a youth-oriented circuit exclusively focused on the East Coast scene.

The most touching moment of the Skimmunity Showdown was when a very young competitor showed signs of stress and lack of confidence when his heat was about to start.

However, with the help and the support of the beach entertainer Victor Enriquez, the little grom found his composure and gave his best in the heat.

In the end, the event crowned its first 14 champions. Perry Pruitt and Brittany Osburn won the Pro divisions.

"The first annual Skimmunity Showdown was great! I'm so happy to have been able to compete on my home turf for the first time and win! You girls killed it this weekend!" expressed Osburn.

Skimmunity Showdown 2017 | Results

1. Colton Ettwin
2. Liam Barnes
3. Camden Hubbard

1. Eric Sheckells
2. Cooper Forcucci
3. Tristan Barnes
4. Sammy DiEmidio

1. Ethan Redefer
2. Aidan Stevenson
3. Finn Forcucci
4. Luka Famularo

1. Sydney Pizza
2. Emily Redefer

Jr. Men
1. Timmy Vitella
2. Brady Green
3. Jack Lee
4. Zachery Walsh

1. Emma Okoniewski
2. Annie Bashara

1. Dillon Brown
2. Austin Ange
3. Russell Sullivan
4. Cory Deari

Senior Men
1. Mauro Sanchirico
2. Joel Nickel
3. Kyle Richardson
4. Corey Cyr

1. Kelly Sobol
2. Drayton Blount
3. Phil Covington
4. Josh Horn

Grand Masters
1. Frank Fernandez
2. Ian Robinson
3. Greg Zimpel
4. Adam Bufton

Senior Grand Masters
1. Mark Mills
2. Wally Seim
3. Dan Lally
4. Brian Edmondson

Semi Pro
1. Chester Burnette
2. Kelly Sobol
3. Timmy Vitella
4. Ethan Redefer

Pro Women
1. Brittany Osburn
2. Alex Yokley
3. Ellen Woods
4. Libby Rendall
5. Chelsea Ostrom

Pro Men
1. Perry Pruitt
2. Zach Carter
3. Lance Richardson
4. Jeff Wolf
5. E. T. Baker
6. Matt Buchanan