Sam Stinnett: three in a row | Photo: Badie/UST

Sam Stinnett is unstoppable. The Californian skimboarder has taken out the Vilano Pro/Am, in Florida, and he is en route to winning another world title.

Third in a row - Outer Banks Skim Jam, Santa Cruz Skimblast and Vilano Pro/Am. Stinnett has once again encountered and defeated Blair Conklin to clinch the third consecutive trophy in the season.

The Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am has been running for 21 years in the shore break of Vilano Beach. The event attracted riders from all corners of the United States, as well as Portugal and Brazil.

Sam Stinnett's win in the East Coast puts him in a very comfortable position in the rankings, when there are only a couple of stages to go: The Vic, in Laguna Beach, and the Exile Oktoberfest, in Newport Beach.

Conklin will have to do extremely well in the decisive events and hope Stinnett fails to reach the final rounds. The 2015 United Skim Tour will surely have an exciting grand finale.

On the women's side, Keiao "KGB" Bucasas managed to interrupt Casey Kiernan's world domination with a tasty victory in Vilano Beach. Pipa Pinto, traveling all the way from Portugal, was the standout surprise of the event.

Vilano Pro/Am 2015 | Final Results

1. Sam Stinnett
2. Blair Conklin
3. Max Smetts
4. Austin Keen

1. Keiao Bucasas
2. Casey Kiernan
3. Pipa Pinto
4. Amber Torrealba

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