Austin Keen: chasing a side wash dream

Austin Keen is one of the coolest skimboarders on the planet. He has won world titles, but he also has an acute appetite for chasing hidden shore breaks. And Keen found a new one.

The iconic dreadlocked rider started catching his first waves in Tybee Island, Georgia, but he now lives in California. Austin Keen is rarely quiet. He is always on the move.

Tony Bianchi, the founder of ToeKnee Media, has been following Austin's "skurfing" journeys along the coast. This time, they found a secret side wave, somewhere in the Los Angeles County.

"It was shot in October while traveling the Coast Highway checking surf and skim spots along the way in Malibu County," Austin Keen told

"ToekneeMedia and I have been working on projects the past couple years bringing a unique vibe and pushing our sport out to the public. We look forward to upcoming projects that showcase our lifestyle and travels through skimboarding."

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