Michal Ambruszkiewicz: he is pushing skimboarding forward

They're "Pushing It" forward. Flatland skimboarding is no longer an underground activity with a handful of indie kids. It is a highly regarded division with full-on members.

"Pushing It" has everything you need to keep you entertained for 38 minutes. Wave riding skimboarders will want to try a few flatland tricks; inland skimming enthusiasts will immediately feel inspired by the film's vibe.

It is also a small documentary of a year full of traveling, meeting with friends and showing a bit of what a skimboarder life looks like when he's not skimboarding.

The full-length movie was produced by SeventyOne, a Polish action sports company that has been boosting skimboarding in Europe. Poland has always had an active and well-organized skim community, and that is why some of the Old Continent's best riders hail from this country.

"The movie shows how flatland skimboarding is evolving right now and how we at SeventyOne are trying to push it even further. It features never done before tricks, including lots of tricks done switch!" explain Adam Chrabaszcz, the owner of SeventyOne.

"It also features never done before street rail skimboarding tricks, step ups and transfer tricks done on a bi-level skim pool setup. It also showcases the use of skim pools, which opens new possibilities for skimboarding. It's not limited to the lake, seaside anymore. Skimboarding can be done anywhere."

"Pushing It" stars Logan Davidson, Mariusz Wójt, Michal Ambruszkiewicz, Piotr Maciazek, Derek Millward, Tomek Adamski, Piotr Lisowski, Kuba Groth, Jedrula Tomaszewski, Mees Oostdijk, Anna Penn, Lubos Vlk, and many others.

All the high jumps, vertical glides, impossible skim transfers, long slides, ollies, and shuvits were performed and landed somewhere in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, and the USA.

Get ready to watch a surf film that finally features surfers riding waves. Thank you for focusing on what really matters, "Blue Intensity."

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