European Skimboarding Cup: showcasing the best flatland riders of the Old Continent | Photo: Dakine Polish Skimboarding Open

The European Skimboarding Cup announced the full calendar for the 2017 season.

After conquering three back-to-back titles, will Adrien Raza return to chase a fourth trophy? The Dutch rider who lives in Valencia proved to be the most accomplished flatland skimboarder of the Old Continent.

But names like Semjon Szillat, Michal Ambruszkiewicz, Logan Davidson, and Mees Oostdijk will not make things easy for Raza, and they all want the prestigious skim title.

The 2017 European Skimboarding Cup schedule features four stops - two in Sweden, and two in Poland - run in less than six summer weeks.

The skimboarders will fight for precious points in Malmö, Varberg, Gdansk, and Lodz. Judges will consider: the amplitude and difficulty of the trick, the execution and the variety of repertoire, and the risk, profession and wow factor involved in each maneuver.

2017 European Skimboarding Cup | Schedule

Malmö Skim 2017 | Malmö, Sweden | July 15
Hallifornia - SkimX | Varberg, Sweden | July 22
Dakine Polish Skimboarding Open 2017 | Gdansk, Poland | August 4
Red Bull Skim It | Lodz, Poland | August 26

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