Lino Curado: Portuguese skimboard talent

The Portuguese Skimboard Circuit 2012 is back to the best Western European beaches. The national tour will have five stages andkicks off on the 5th May, in Sesimbra.

The official skimboarding competition will be the largest ever in Portugal, since its first contest in 2007. The Portuguese Skimboard Circuit 2012 will crown champions in the Open categories and age divisions.

Multiple title winner Hugo Santos will defend his domination against the new generation of Portuguese kiteboarders. Sofia Lopes, in the Women's category, will have the usual opponents fighting for the ultimate victory.

The Portuguese Skimboard Circuit 2012 will feature Under 18, Under 16 and Under 14 titles. Some of the youngest skimboarders will also try their luck in the Open division.

Portuguese Skimboard Circuit 2012:

Sesimbra - 5th-6th May
Espinho – 21st-22nd July
Figueira da Foz – 8th-9th September
Ericeira - 6th-7th October
Estoril - 10th e 11th November

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