United Skim Tour: skimboarding showdown

The 2012 United Skim Tour is over. Sam Stinnett has been crowned the best skimboarder of the season, as the last stage Newport Beach defined the Top 10 riders.

Austin Keen picked up the win at the Oktoberfest, but strong performances by everyone else prevented him from picking up much ground. Perry Pruitt picked up second place and landed in sixth place on the UST. A fine showing for his rookie season.

Brandon Sears took third, so held onto 7th place on the tour, while Jake Stinnett placed 4th, just low enough for Austin Keen to pass him with a win in the final event.

Teddy Vlasis took fifth which was enough for him to jump into fourth, ahead of Morgan Just. Morgan dropped back to 5th, after an early exit due to a contentious man-on-man heat with the eventual contest winner Austin Keen.

Tim Fulton took sixth which was enough for him to hang onto his third place UST spot. Meanwhile Jason Wilson exited early, but was still able to pick up enough points to land himself in the top 10.

The competition was tight this year. Spots three through nine were all within 1000 points of each other. In the end, the points are the points.

The 2012 United Skim Tour Top 10:

1. Sam Stinnett
2. Blair Conklin
3. Tim Fulton
4. Teddy Vlasis
5. Morgan Just
6. Perry Pruitt
7. Brandon Sears
8. Austin Keen
9. Jake Stinnett
10. Jason Wilson

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