Sam Stinnett: fired up in Sununga | Photo: Skimonline

Sam Stinnett has conquered the Sununga World Cup, in Brazil, the first stage of the 2013 United Skim Tour.

The Ubatuba event, held near Sao Paulo, has been considered one of the best skimboarding contests in the history of the sport, delivering its famous right-hand skim sidewash.

With skimboarders traveling from Portugal, France, UK, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela and USA, the 2013 Sununga World Cup was only waiting for some real action, in the shore break.

The local skim wave requires skills, technique and... an helmet. You can easily get injured in the tough sand, after a close-out. In the initial heats, Sam Stinnett suffered in the hands of the Ubatuba swell. Severe wipeout.

Six-foot airdrops onto the sand, free falls and enthusiastic performances were in the skim menu. Fortunately, the swell decreased for Saturday and local stars started to shine.

In the Semifinals, Renato Lima had to beat Sam Stinnett, while Leandro Azevedo had to defeat Blair Conklin. Not easy. Despite absolutely incredible skimboarding performances by the Brazilian crew, Sam and Blair went through to the final.

Stinnett sealed the deal with frontside snaps, a 360 Shuvit, a small barrel and a 180 Air onto the sand. The usual suspect is, again, in the crime scene.

The 2013 UST Sununga World Cup Results:

1. Sam Stinnett
2. Blair Conklin
3. Renato Lima
3. Leandro Azevedo
5. Austin Keen
5. Morgan Just
5. Pablo Marreco
5. Tim Fulton

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