Danny Diaz (left): pulling the eject button

Danny Diaz has been crowned winner of the Tour Lafkenche Skimboard 2014, in Chile.

Skimboarding is probably the only wave sport in which you have to run for the waves. Literally. And that was exactly what riders did in the three rounds of the Tour Lafkenche Skimboard 2014, held in Chile.

With surf drones in the air capturing all the action, it's interesting to watch how South Americans are keen to skimboard and put up highly competitive events.

The first stop was Viña del Mar, in the Chilean province of Valparaiso. The event invited Marcos Casteluber and Lucas Gomes, two skimboarders from Brazil.

It was a local star, Danny Diaz, who took highest podium place, in the Pro division. Maxi Garin and Sebastian Basaez stole the Amateur and Novice categories.

The second stop took place in Playa Internacional, in Algarrobo, and it was conquered by Leandro Azevedo. The third stage saw Danny Diaz taking top honors, again, which means he was crowned the overall winner of the Tour Lafkenche Skimboard 2014.

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