Adrien Raza: your 2016 European Skimboarding Cup champion | Photo: PSO

Adrien Raza has done it again. The Dutch skimboarder living in Spain claimed his third consecutive European Skimboarding Cup title.

With two first places (Barcelona and Malmö), and a couple of runner-up finishes (Düsseldorf and Gdansk), Raza concluded the season with a 10-point lead over Semjon Szillat.

Adrien will be hard to beat in the European flatland skimming scene, but Szillat proved he has what it takes to dethrone the undisputed king.

The German rider won the first event and performed at a high level in the following two events.

Will the 2017 season bring new title contenders? Can the European Skimboarding Cup keep evolving with bigger and better venues?

One thing is certain: the sport is moving forward, and there is a growing number of athletes willing to travel for competition.

The European Skimboarding Cup 2016 was a six-stop circuit starting in Düsseldorf and concluding in Gdansk.

The judging panel awards points based on trick amplitude, level of difficulty, execution, variety of repertoire, progression, risk-taking, and wow factor.

European Skimboarding Cup 2016 | Top 10

1. Adrien Raza (NED), 76 points
2. Semjon Szillat (GER), 60 points
3. Michal Ambruszkiewicz (POL), 54 points
4. Logan Davidson (USA), 38 points
5. Mees Oostdijk (NED), 38 points
6. Jedrula Tomaszewski (POL), 32 points
7. Leo v. Gemmern (GER), 30 points
8. Eriks Lapins (LAT), 20 points
9. Daniel Prieß (GER), 20 points
10. Justs Blūmbergs (LAT), 18 points

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