Austin Keen: back to the podium | Photo: Skim USA

Austin Keen secured a back-to-back victory at the 2015 Southside Shootout, at Dewey Beach, Delaware.

He couldn't have asked for a better anniversary gift. One day after celebrating his 25th birthday, Keen once again raised the Southside Shootout trophy after beating Dave Bracht in the final.

This means that the United Skim Tour 2015 title is entirely open. Keen started the season with a fifth place in Cabo Clasico, an event won by Juan Carlos Encizo. But a victory in Delaware catapults him in the overall rankings.

Ellen Wood broke Casey Lynn Kiernan's dominance in the Women's division. She won the event, leaving the 2014 world champion in the runner-up position, Libby Rendall in third, and Kelly Carcich in fourth.

The next stop on the United Skim Tour 2015 is the UST Skim Festival, in Sununga, Brazil.

2015 Southside Shootout | Final

1. Austin Keen
2. Dave Bracht
3. Sam McCoy
4. Morgan Just

Austin Keen claims the 2015 Southside Shootout
1. Ellen Wood
2. Casey Kiernan
3. Libby Rendall

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