Skim boating: when skimboarding meets wakeboarding

It certainly looks like a 007 getaway chase sequence, but it isn't. Watch how Mr. Austin Keen hijacked a boat wake in Lake Down, Orlando.

Austin Keen is one of the most creative skimboarders in the world. He is constantly trying new moves in unexpected places, and helping push the sport into the future.

Skimboarding offers multiple riding possibilities. You can grab a board and catch waves, but you can also go for a flatland skimming experience. And then, if you're as inventive as Keen, you can try skim boating.

Skim boating is basically a skim-to-wake surfing transfer. Austin had his third annual meetup with wakeboarding legend Scott Byerly, and they've come up with an eye-catching idea.

As you'll see, it's all about timing. The boat passes in front of the beach, Austin Keen glides across the water, and catches the wake. The rest is just Keen on another day at the office.

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