Austin Keen: frontside air madness | Photo: LagunaSoCal

Austin Keen has been enjoying a busy pre-season schedule, including a fun skim trip to Bali, Indonesia.

In less than two months, Austin Keen has done almost everything to prepare for the 2016 United Skim Tour.

Wakesurfing, riding warm barrels, training until sunset, skurfing, getting injured, jumping over human bodies, and inventing new skimming tricks with a Frisbee.

For many, he's the one pushing the sport forward at a make-or-break time for skimboarding.

Keen is clearly focused on highlighting new angles and maneuvers while balancing a free-surfing agenda with the competitive calendar.

The Bali skimboarding trip took place in the last months of 2015.

In Indonesia, Austin had the opportunity to ride different waves and connect with the local culture.

"I got to explore the Island of Bali with my friends Aric Roman and Tommy Wellman, who owns a surf school and shop called Aloha Bali Surf," explained Keen.

"It was an all-around amazing trip, and this video only shows a very small glimpse of all the epic waves and awesome people we met along the way."

And if that wasn't enough, he still found time to tick another box: skimboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding in one day in California.

"I've been planning out my upcoming year. I will be traveling to Miami for the Wake for Warriors Project. They are dedicated to taking out purple heart military veterans wakesurfing and showing them an awesome time and thanking them for their service. I will be providing stoke and good vibes for all."

"Later, I will be arriving in Haiti in order to help with a clean water project. After a week of hiking into the mountains, and learning more about the sustainable efforts that go into educating people on the importance and construction of clean water, we will spend the final days of the trip at a surf house catching waves and enjoying ourselves," Keen told

The Bali skimboarding trip took place in the last months of 2015. Recently, Austin Keen has been riding the waves of Laguna Beach, but it won't be a surprise if you find him trying a superman in your local break. This man is everywhere.

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