"Beach Decay" proves flatland skimboarding is alive and kicking

October 27, 2016 | Skimboarding
Beach Decay: flatland skimboarding will never die

"Beach Decay" is a cinematographic adventure into the world of flatland skimboarding.

The inland skimming scene continues to innovate with a growing number of riders, filmmakers, and followers. As a result, in the past couple of years, video platforms were flooded with new feature films showcasing the best athletes in the finest spots.

The new movie was released by French Bay Skim (FBS), a collective from Sauble Beach, Ontario, Canada. Their third film is far from perfect, but it delivers what we need to watch - the tricks, the jumps, and the metamorphosis within the sport.

"Our goal is to have no skipped parts, and that is just what we have done. This is what Ontario has in store for the future: a ragtag group of humans with all different styles," FBS explain.

"We introduce you to the up-and-coming riders, and the guys who have been there since day one. This movie almost didn't happen, but with the help of many, we did it."

The French Bay Skim wants to open a new chapter in flatland skimboarding, but they also want to close the old one. The goal is to set a new standard, in which amateur footage and basic maneuvers don't have a future.

"Beach Decay" stars Adam Ricketts, Blake Zimmerman, Holden Aarlaht, Iza Batko, Jack Bender, Keven Caron-Pilon, Matt Particka, Max Brunelle, Mikael Piche, Nick Vergut, Shaymus Finlay, Tyler Ricketts, Wolfgang Quan, and friends.