Blair Conklin and Amber Torrealba win 2019 TAC Skimblast

July 6, 2019 | Skimboarding
Blair Conklin: winner of the 2019 TAC Skimblast | Photo: Joe Downie

Blair Conklin and Amber Torrealba have taken out the 2019 TAC Skimblast, at Seabright Beach, in Santa Cruz, California.

The first event of the 2019 United Skim Tour season was held under sunny, blue skies, and warm, summertime temperatures. There was virtually no wind all day.

The wave conditions were not perfect, but there were enough one-to-three foot shore break rollers available to judge and crown the best performers. 

On the women's side, Amber Torrealba let her skimming experience speak for herself and ended up defeating local rider, Jackie Gollbach, and Sam Victor.

"It's another year of wandering. I had an awesome weekend in Santa Cruz from skimming with the girls to exploring the coast in our van, it was a super fun trip," expressed Torrealba.

The men's final put Conklin against Lucas Fink - California versus Brazil. The American adopted a more technical execution, while Fink opted for unleashing his aerial skills.

However, a collision and the consequent interference cost the Brazilian his top score. When the final scores were announced, Blair was crowned champion by less than one point.

2019 TAC Skimblast | Finals

1. Blair Conklin
2. Lucas Fink

1. Amber Torrealba
2. Jackie Gollbach
3. Sam Victor