Blair Conklin storms the 2012 South Side Shootout

June 13, 2012 | Skimboarding
Blair Conklin: never easy to beat Brad Domke

Blair Conklin has claimed the 2012 South Side Shootout, in Delaware. After a good first day of competition, the group of skimboarders enjoyed better weather conditions in the last hours of rides.

Teddy Vlasis, Sam Stinnett, Shawn Kenny and Morgan Just stood ready for the first Semifinal, with waist-high shallow barrels. Sam put out a come-from-behind performance and stormed the show.

In the second Semifinal, there were Tim Fulton, Perry Pruitt, Blair Conklin and Brad Domke. Blair was on fire, despite the spectacular intelligent attacks from Domke. Layback and a groovy 540º Shuv-It sealed the deal.

The final heat of the 2012 South Side Shootout was pretty intense with four skimboarders really wanting to raise the title. The battle was very tight.

Morgan Just threw 360º Frontside Airs to place fourth. Sam Stinnett pulled a 360º Shuv-It and kept third. Conklin and Domke exchanged superb rides and wipeouts and judges dedided to crown Blair the overall winner of the event.