Brad Domke: smile, you're in Indonesia

Brad Domke is inviting the world into skimboarding. After riding the biggest waves on the planet with his finless board, the Floridian returns with a new movie.

Puerto Escondido, Teahupoo, The Right, Nazaré, and Jaws. Domke rode them all, in the most extreme conditions. Now, he is ready to reveal how he and his friends explored the waves of Indonesia.

Film director Dylan Palmer traveled with the star and captured the talented skimboarder and his art in the flawless blue barrels of Padang Padang, and other exotic Indo spots.

"Skimdonesia" is an excellent idea, and it comes at the right time. The sport is getting more media attention than ever. In the last ten years, the number of skimboarding movies shot by independent filmmaker has increased dramatically.

Skimboarding has two main subdisciplines - the classic shore break wave riding, and flatland skimming. In both cases, the performance levels are impressing anyone who's into wave sports.

Hopefully, "Skimdonesia" will continue to put skimming where it should be. In the spotlight, showing off its magic, and convincing the International Surfing Association (ISA) that it deserves its own chapter in history. When will the World Skimboarding Games be a reality?

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