Brad Domke enjoys a board transfer session in Hawaii

August 25, 2015 | Skimboarding
Brad Domke: barreled on a skimboard

Brad Domke is one of the coolest wave riders in the world. The creative skimboarder traveled to Hawaii to test his board transfer technique.

It was his last day on Oahu's North Shore, and there were a few barrels coming in. With videographer Dylan Palmer and cinematographer Erik Ippel in the water, Domke had to give everything he had.

The final result is quite impressive, especially in high resolution (1080p). Brad's tube rides, shove its, ollies, and 360s only confirm the endless opportunities presented by skimboarding.

The board transfer looks too easy. Domke takes off on a 8' WaveStorm and concludes the ride on an Exile Double Dagger skimboard. Watch how the big board almost hits the skim star.

Skimboarders are ready for new adventures. When will the International Surfing Association (ISA) hold the inaugural World Skimboarding Games?