Brad Domke returns to his finless roots

December 20, 2013 | Skimboarding
Brad Domke: proving he isn't using fins

Brad Domke has proven once again that you only need the smallest board to ride big waves.

The ultimate board rider is still to be crowned, but Brad Domke is one the most powerful candidates. While the entire surf industry discusses what's the best fin setup for a particular type of wave, the young skimboarder takes us to the roots of wave riding.

Domke is proud of his finless roots. This time, he brings us a new episode of his skurfing skills, a mix of surfing, skateboarding, and skimboarding.

With a simple 4'6" finless skimboard, the rider from Sebastian, Florida, shows us how to push the limits of what is possible, in powerful 4-6 foot surf.

Multiple wave face 360s, impeccable aerials, barrels, rad turns, and powerful carves. Again, remember, no fins are allowed. Domke loves thinking outside the box, and we appreciate that.