Brad Domke: taking on Praia do Norte, in Nazaré | Photo: Pedro Miranda

Skimboarding master Brad Domke has ridden the giant waves of Nazaré in Portugal.

After successfully escaping the guillotine at Puerto Escondido (Mexico), The Right (Australia), and Teahupoo (Tahiti), the wave explorer got on a plane with the clear goal of surviving the experience at Praia do Norte.

"It's been a crazy scary fun few days here in Nazaré. So stoked to skim with all the boys and new friends that came to chase this wild ride," wrote Brad Domke, pictured above in a photo by Pedro Miranda.

The skim master was towed into a powerful right-hander and managed to find a clean surf line.

Despite riding the bumpy wave face with a finless board, Domke held on and found the exit door with a striking kick-out move.

Domke hails from Wabasso Beach, Florida, and he's a man on an undercover mission - to ride the world's biggest and most dangerous waves on a skimboard.

What's really left to ride? Who's still not yet convinced?

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