Brad Domke: a windsurfer almost blew up his performance at Jaws

Brad Domke has successfully concluded the pentathlon of big-wave skimboarding. The skimboarder surfed Jaws in triple overhead conditions.

Brad Domke has already checked in at the world's most dangerous surf breaks - Puerto Escondido, Teahupoo, The Right, and Nazaré.

The most popular wave rider from Wabasso Beach, Florida, had one last spot left to tick - Jaws/Peahi.

Surfboards, windsurf boards, bodyboards, and kiteboards. Jaws has seen all sorts of boards being ridden in XXL conditions.

But in the Maui history books, you couldn't find a skimboard. No fins, no straps, just pure go-for-it attitude.

The thrilling footage shows us Domke trying to draw a line with the weight of his body while a windsurfer drops in and almost screws up a flawless ride.

"I didn't really mind when he rolled up on me. I was just stoked to ride another sick wave at one of the craziest spots I've ever seen. The ones that go unridden here are the freakiest things ever," revealed Domke.

"We're thinking about chasing this swell to Oregon, then maybe doing a little snowboarding afterward. I've never seen snow in my life."

Brad Domke rode three waves at Jaws and closed the circle. The pentathlon of big wave skimboarding is his. What will he do next besides hitting the snowy slopes?

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