Brad Domke: he has The Right | Photo: Gurney/Stab Magazine

Brad Domke has ridden The Right, the infamous big wave surf spot located in Western Australia.

The gnarliest skimboarder in the history of the sport took his finless setup to one of the most dangerous waves on the planet.

Domke flew from Florida to chase a dream. He wanted to be the first skimmer to taste The Right.

When the big wave skimboarder reached the spot, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was big, maybe twenty feet.

After carefully analyzing the conditions and the wave's behavior, Brad Domke said he was ready to claim the beast.

The first ride was a nightmare.

The Right closed on Domke's head, leaving the fearless skimboarder momentarily underwater. But the day wouldn't end without a proper ride for the history books.

Brad Norris, who met Domke for the first time during the insane Puerto Escondido big wave session, towed his Floridian mate into a good-looking one.

Time to enjoy.

"That was the hardest wave I've ever ridden in my life. Now I'm addicted to surfing slabs, and I want to always be on the hunt," Brad Domke told our friends at Stab Mag.

"You just never know what it's going to do. It could just be a giant closeout, crush you and end you forever. Or you can get the barrel of your dreams."

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