Brad Domke: he rules modern skimboarding

Brad Domke is changing the way we watch boardsports. The infamous rider from Florida keeps pushing skimboarding to the ultimate level.

What is still humanly possible in modern wave riding? Domke released his "Visions", a collection of footage showing evolutionary steps towards big wave skimming.

The Exile Skimboards star surfs better than many pro surfers with a wooden leaf under his feet. Brad Domke enjoys the freedom of finless skimboards even when wave faces peak at eight foot.

Call it progressive skimboarding or innovative skimming. Getting barreled in fast, hollow big waves is not as easy when you're drawing the surf line with a skimboard.

At the same time, Domke transforms problems into opportunities. If you're riding finless boards, get the most out of it and skid down the wall like a car in a wet track. Easy. Well, try it like the Floridian.

Cutbacks are part of the past. Brad Domke's "Visions" go well ahead. Dangerous ollies are part of his daily menu in big wave conditions. If there's a king in skimboarding, let Brad Domke rule in his kingdom.

Watch how Brad Domke slides.

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