Dawid Pruski: the Polish skimboarding champion ruled Lodz | Photo: Kaliszczyk/Red Bull

Dawid Pruski claimed the 2018 Red Bull Skim It, in Lodz, Poland.

Skimboarders from all over Poland invaded the Manufaktura arts center and shopping mall to participate in the seventh edition of the iconic flatland skimming contest.

Despite the adverse weather forecast and morning rainfall, the day turned out to be sunny and full of exciting experiences. The rides on the track and the surrounding atmosphere kept the vibes hot throughout the event.

The competition had three divisions: pro, amateur, and women. The biggest surprise was the arrival of the Canadian rider Iza Batko, who specifically changed the route of her European trip to take part in the event.

In fact, Iza made an excellent decision. By performing stylish rides on the boxes and flats, she won first place in her category.

Iza Batko: the Canadian stormed the 2018 Red Bull Skim It | Photo: Kaliszczyk/Red Bull

David Dmochowski ended up reigning among amateurs. He had to defeat 13 other skimboarders to be on the top of the podium. However, this was just the beginning of a spectacular skim contest.

Pro skimboarders started off fighting in one-on-one duels, and then moved to the famous final, with its unique format inspired by the video game "Skate."

The top three riders reaching the final stage were Michal Puchalski, Dawid Pruski, and Daniel Sikorski. After a long and persistent battle, Pruski forced his opponents to collect the penalty letters for unsuccessful tricks requested by himself.

Sikorski was the first to write the expression "Skim It" on his sheet, so he finished third. Puchalski fought to the end and requested Dawid to perform hard tricks, but it was the current Polish champion who eliminated Michal with a highly technical maneuver.

Another very successful Red Bull Skim It comes to a close. Next year, Dawid Pruski will return to defend his title.

2018 Red Bull Skim It | Finals

1. Dawid Pruski
2. Michal Puchalski
3. Daniel Sikorski

1. Dawid Dmochowski
2. Milosz Piechota
3. Mikolaj Krajewski

1. Iza Batko
2. Agata Kotlenga
3. Ola Jakubczak

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