Esoterica: the new skimboard movie by MOV

Skimboarding has become a high-performance water sport but, if you doubt it, watch the latest production by MOV.

MOV is a skimming collective dedicated to movie making. They want to bring the sport to the main stage and believe they don't need sponsors to do the job. All they need is a solid group of monthly video subscribers.

"Esoterica" is their fifth full-length film production, and promises to ignite the heart in every skimboarder. Every shot, every angle, and every wave is a remarkable moment. The movie features some of the world's best performers, including the one and only Austin Keen.

Naturally, "Esoterica" premiered in Laguna Beach. The California coastal city is pretty much the world capital of skimboarding. The finless boardsport was born here between the 1920s and 1930s and, since then, it has been gaining new enthusiasts.

So, if you're the new skimboarding movement, make sure to check MOV's website and YouTube channel. There's a lot of high-quality videos that are worth to watch, and that will certainly help you improve your skimming skills.

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