So Sick: where's your skimboard, dude?

The crew behind Bick Skimboards announced the release of "So Sick," a skimboarding DVD with plenty of flatland action.

The crew at Bick Skimboards spent the last summer filming and editing their newest baby.

"So Sick" delivers a collection of "innovative, fresh tricks" while proving that skimboarding has an extremely funny side.

"I hope you like hippie hops, 720 big spins, face-high pole jams, and 360 body varials. The title says it all. This movie is a unique look into some of the best and up-and-coming talent out of St. George, Utah," the filmmakers explain.

The full-length feature film showcases a "raw and real" approach to the sport with a mixtape look.

Each DVD copy has a unique message written by the directors to the customers/riders. You can't get any better than that.

"So Sick" stars Duran Bickmore, Colton Lund, Cody Maurer, Derek Millward, Harbor Bickmore, Jake Brown, and all the other "River Rats."


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