Brotherhood: Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh let skimboarding do the talking | Photo: DB Skimboards

Flatland skimboarders of the world, rejoice! DB Skimboards has announced the release of the nine-minute short movie "Brotherhood."

It's bigger and better than a classic homemade video clip. "Brotherhood" is a collection of skimboarding stunts by Daniel Prieß and Friedrich Flüh, and it was shot in more locations and with a wider variety of moves in mind.

Flatland skimming is certainly underrated, and it often falls off the radar. But it offers many opportunities. It can be practiced in lakes, rivers, shallow pools, puddles, and streams. You don't need necessarily need waves or oceans to ride a skimboard.

The stars of "Brotherhood" traveled to Gran Canaria, Germany, Denmark, and the United States to shoot the film. Prieß and Flüh are both German, and they let the language of skimboarding do the talking.

"We came to the conclusion that, for us, it is essentially about our friendship that has grown from skimboarding, going on trips and hanging out at the beach," explains Daniel Prieß.

"Lots of time spent together and lots of memories created that we'll never forget. When it came to making a film, we wanted to do and capture just that. We decided to take a step back from competing to focus on shooting what was going to be 'Brotherhood.'"

Watch how they attack the rails, kickers, sliders, and natural obstacles. It doesn't matter if its warm or cold, day or night. "Brotherhood" is a display of commitment, risk, and creation.

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