How could Austin Keen hydroplane for 30 feet?

October 23, 2014 | Skimboarding
Austin Keen: improving his hydroplaning skills

Austin Keen has shown why he is one of the most influential skimboarders of his generation. The rider from Laguna Beach showed how far skimming can actually go.

Skimboarders are enjoying the limelight as the sport keeps attracting new participants and enthusiasts to the finless movement.

This time, Austin Keen gave a new meaning to hydroplaning or aquaplaning. The pro rider and former world champion has traveled for six seconds across the surface of the water.

It seems physically impossible to glide for 30 feet (9.1 meters), but Keen run for speed, touched the water, kept a low stance, and rode the incoming wave flawlessly.

Although it is not clear if the skimboard was equipped with a small engine, it is absolutely true that Austin will not stop impressing the world with his tricks and skills in the near future.