Johnny Weber: launching off a wave into a huge air

Blair Conklin and Dade Shields have recently formed Skid Kids TV, a media collective covering all things skimboarding.

The duo has been quite successful at putting the sport of skimming in the limelight, thanks to a weekly presence on YouTube. Hopefully, they will keep up insightful and colorful videos.

On June 2019, this group of Laguna Beach riders captured one of the biggest skimboarding airs of all time on film.

Johnny Weber joined Conklin on the beach. But this time, they brought a very special tool - a winch.

The motorized pulley system helped riders go fast across the water before getting launched off of waves.

The Moment of Truth

The ocean conditions were really poor, but the outcome was surprisingly impressive.

"The hardest part is dropping the board because you've got a rope in one hand and the board on the other hand," explains Blair Conklin.

"This is a team effort thing because the person running the winch has to know what he's doing, and then the person with the rope has to hold on for dear life."

"Time is by far the hardest thing. So, you have to have someone good running the winch. You give the operator a heads-up. As soon as you're in the water and ready to go, he'll start giving you some tension."

"As soon as you start getting tension and you've dropped the board beneath your feet, you're going to start taking off," concluded Conklin.

After a couple of failed attempts of hitting a nice liquid ramp, a speed lap across the beach eventually resulted in a spectacular aerial move.

"I didn't know where I was. Upside down?" said Weber after recovery from the whole process.

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