Johnny Salta: the new pro rider at Victoria Skimboards

Victoria Skimboards has announced that once esteemed amateur rider Johnny Salta has now joined the professional skimboarding ranks. Salta enjoyed his first professional contest at the 2012 Cabo Clasico, held at Solmar Beach, in Cabo San Lucas, last May.

Johnny has been skimboarding with a majority of the top professionals of the sport in his hometown of Laguna Beach and felt the time was right to make the change.

"The pros push each other so much and I am ready to be a part of it", tells Johnny Salta.

The new pro rider in the Victoria Skimboards team wants to help get skimboarding more popular than ever. He thinks the Backflip is the hardest trick for him to accomplish.

The regular skimboarder from Laguna Beach was born on the 7th December 1991. Watch an interview with Johnny Salta from the time he was riding as an amateur competitor.

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