Juan Carlos Encizo: riding on his home turf

Juan Carlos Encizo has claimed the Cabo Clasico 2015, at Lover's Beach, in Mexico.

The new skimboarding season is underway. The world's best rider have concluded their training programs, and now it's time to test it all out in the competitive arena. And what a way to start things off.

Lover's Beach delivered perfect conditions for a professional skimboarding contest. It was the first time the United Skim Tour has been held at Lover's since 2008. Hurricane Odile rocked Cabo last fall and changed the sand patterns on the Pacific side.

On the second day of competition, waves got bigger and better, allowing for spectacular air drops and close-out sections. On the last day, riders moved to Solmar where they were greeted by clean four-to-six-foot wave faces.

The final and decisive heat had Juan Carlos Nazario Encizo and Sam Stinnett battling for the ultimate glory. In the end, the local skimboarder raised the trophy. The Mexicans rejoiced.

"No doubt this was the best Cabo Clasico ever. Thanks to all the people who always support me!" expressed Juan Carlos. "Bullo" has been a top finisher in Cabo for years and he finally took home the win on his home turf.

Stinnett was ecstatic with the epic conditions he found at Cabo San Lucas. "I've always dreamed of having a man-on-man final with Juan Carlos. Win or lose, that was the best heat I've ever competed in. Congrats to all the finalists. Today was mental."

Cabo Clasico 2015 | Final

1. Juan Carlos Encizo
2. Sam Stinnett
3. Blair Conklin
4. Lucas Fink

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